Hoxton and Shoreditch


Where does one end and the other begin? In the east of London but not the East End, Hoxton has long been seen as a mecca for creative types and start-ups.

The Old street roundabouts nickname - the Silicon roundabout - denoting the preponderance of Digital, even that has become a cliché. What's certainly happening is that Hackney council is working overtime to cash in on the locations reputation and attract the big money. Consequently the area - as a hub for artists - is a boat that's sailed. Sure, there is a great deal of street art on display but no one can afford the sky-high rents. That being said the feel and vibe of the area is still exciting. For local people there are some mixed feelings. Some time ago a cafe selling cereals was attacked by a mob of protestors who saw it as a prime example of frivolous gentrification in an area that was predominantly working class. But their target was a business that employs local people, pays its taxes and devotes a percentage of its profits to charity. For some reason they get the torches and bricks rather than the Amazons, the Google’s and the Starbucks.