The peasants are revolting


When the General election in 2015 returned a Conservative majority the government saw this as a mandate to impose the austerity measures they'd been devising for the last four years.

Against this background, and soon after the election, a number of marches were held to oppose the mantra of austerity. The following pictures were taken at the commencement of the largest march - the one held in London on June 20th starting at the Bank of England in the City and finishing at Parliament Square. Tens of thousands of people attended and these pictures are an attempt to capture the atmosphere of that gathering. In particular they highlight the diversity of the participants.  A mix of people, of of all backgrounds and sensibilities. 

The march itself was organised by the Peoples Assembly; an organisation opposed to austerity, cuts and privatisation. Their website has this to say: “We can no longer tolerate politicians looking out for themselves and for the rich and powerful. Our political representatives must start governing in the interests of the majority”

After the march the government pushed forward. In October they attempted to win approval for a reduction in tax credits  - the financial lifeline for struggling families. These proposals received some opposition- from opinion formers and others in parliament who, when scrutinising the detail, failed to see how the cuts would achieve anything other than an increase in pain for those at the bottom.